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These are just a few of the beautiful testimonials Melissa has received over the years.  Some stories have been edited for privacy and brevity.

Music helps commuter

Melissa I can witness about the healing and inspiring power of your music. I have one your CD's ministering me for hours while I drive from home to work.


- Josh, Columbia, South America

Reaching the Middle East

Just a brief word to let you know that the envelope arrived yesterday. The CD continues to bless us as we play it over and over again. It is so relaxing, comforting and, if I may use the term, heavenly.


- Marvin, Israel

Labour and delivery made easier through music


I bought your piano instrumental CD, Voice of Many Waters... and I had to write and tell you how much it has blessed us.

When I was pregnant, I played it during my prayer time and immediately fell in love with it.

We had the CD playing in the hospital while I was in labour. The whole atmosphere in the room was charged with the Holy Spirit's peace. When the anesthetist came he commented on the beautiful music and said he didn't want to leave the room. He was soaking in the glory that was released. We continue to play the CD whenever we are ministering to anyone, anytime we have people over and often when we don't. I love it more each time I listen. It settles my newborn beautifully. In fact when he was first born, he didn't even cry! He was content and at peace.

Thank you for letting your gifts bless us so!

- Cheryl, Saskatchewan, Canada

Music calms children

Melissa's music has brought much joy, peace and healing into my home. My 7 year old daughter loves to listen to her music while playing in her room and my sons often ask for her music to be played so that we can have a time of relaxing together as a family, a time that is so meaningful to both me and my children. I myself love to go into my room and use Melissa's music as time for worshipping the Lord and a time for prayer. Early this fall me and my 10 year old son who as really sick with the flu had an amazing encounter with the healing power of God that was brought through Melissa's music. While my son was laying in bed with a really high fever, I really felt the Lord tell me to play music in the house. When I turned the stereo on, my son asked to hear Melissa's CD. Within minutes of hearing her music he was sitting up asking for a drink of water. I was so blessed and amazed at how God works through Melissa's music to bring healing. May the Lord continue to bless her and those who have the pleasure to hear her work. Thank you Lord Yeshua for all that you do through your servant Melissa.

- Daleen, Alberta, Canada

Lullabies Soothe Colic

Thank you Melissa for your anointed music.  When my son was colicky - your instrumentals stopped his crying and gave him peace.  The best CD for babies! Not only that, but I can literally leave your CD on in our house all day and come back to a peaceful and anointed place.  The sound penetrates the spiritual realm and brings wholeness to everyone in its path." K. Malinconico, Toronto, Canada

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