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Enjoy Melissa's entire music collection wherever you go -- perfect for the car, or to download to your personal music player. Contains all released albums and unreleased music available only to those who purchase! 


Music included on the USB:

  • Father's Songs (2002)
  • Voice of Many Waters (2006)
  • Sojourn (2010)
  • Beginnings (2015)
  • Draw Me Close (2017)
  • My Soul Thirsts (2018)
  • Peace Amidst the Storm (2020)
  • The Journey (2020)
  • The River, Episodes 1-3 (2020)
  • Spontaneous Songs and Singles

A value of about $240 if you were to buy all the discs and tracks separately!


You are permitted to download the tracks from the USB drive onto your own personal music player. Thank you for respecting copyright law and the livelihood of independent artists, and therefore for not distributing these tracks illegally.

USB - Complete Collection

C$100.00 Regular Price
C$75.00Sale Price
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